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Student Profiles

Coming soon!

This is where you will be able to see some of the members (past and present) of Team LaClair, with information about their grappling competitions, MMA fights, personal bios, and pictures and clips of them in action.


Some of our Team competitors include:

Greg Good (Derby/Newport)

Brian Vinal (Derby/Newport)

Jim Edwards (Binghamton/Endicott)

Kyle Mills (Binghamton/Endicott)

Steven Weiler (Binghamton/Endicott)

Christopher Youmans (Binghamton/Endicott)

RJ Brown

David Parker (Lyndonville)

Aaron Fondry (Lyndonville)

Benjamin Carlson (Lyndonville)

John Fox (Lyndonville)

Darren Omeara (Berlin/Lyndonville)

Justin Phillips (Lyndonville)

Matthew Wells (Lyndonville)

John Shanks (Lyndonville)

Myles Hacking (Lyndonville)

Brent Young (Lyndonville)

Carrissa Larsen (Lyndonville)

Charlie Wilson (Lyndonville)

Katie Gudmundsen (Lyndonville)

Ryan McCue (Lyndonville)

Nathan Schoonover (Lyndonville)

Elijah Clark (Lyndonville)

Brian Hiatt (Lyndonville)

David Noyes (Lyndonville)

TJ Tanner (Lyndonville)

Alex Wolston (Lyndonville)