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Academy History

Originally located in Lyndonville, Vermont, the LaClair Academy has been a cutting-edge and leading school of martial arts training in the northeast since 1995.  Offering a diversity of styles and training methods, the school has seen success in everything from grappling and mixed martial arts competitions, to true life-and-death self-defense survival stories.  Athletes, martial artists, fighters, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, bouncers, college security, and others have sought out the expertise offered at the LaClair Academy to improve their skills.

With the main school once again in Lyndonville, Vermont, along with an affiliates in the the Greater Binghamton area of New York (Endicott), the LaClair Academy is the primary source of contemporary and realistic self-defense and combat sports training, for both Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and for New York’s Southern Tier!

Whether you have years of previous experience or none at all, whether you are already in great shape or you would like to be, whether you’re looking for elite level instruction or just looking to try out something new and exciting, you HAVE come to the right place!  We always invite you to come watch our classes, ask questions, and by all means come out on the mats and try something that looks exciting!  We are here to help YOU grow.

Currently, the primary class offerings at the LaClair Academy is that of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing for fitness.  Please click on the link in the menu bar to learn more about it.  In the future, we will be offering more classes and more styles, as the school grows and students express interest in the other styles we can offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read through the site!  I encourage you to check it out thoroughly, then drop by and try out a free class.  Again, feel free to ask me questions at a class, or shoot me an email.  I’m here to help.


Owner/Chief Instructor