Aug 28 2013

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KIDS Classes

Our new lineup of kids classes will give your child a great workout while he/she has a ton of FUN!

As a father myself, one of my main directives with our kids programs is to impart them with the kinds of skills and knowledge that will allow them to be safe, healthy, and successful in whatever endeavors they choose in life when they get older.

We focus on a “games” approach to keep it fun and challenging, while teaching real-world self-defense and movement skills.  Our structured environment teaches discipline and respect for others.

Here are just SOME of the benefits your child will receive in our program:

  • Confidence (“A confident child is an unstoppable child”)
  • Self-esteem (Your children will feel good about themselves)
  • Motor skills (Your child will develop improved coordination and agility)
  • Peer pressure avoidance skills (Your children will have the courage to say “No” to drugs and other dangerous activities)
  • Life skills they can continue to use as they get older
  • Self-defense skills (Your child will learn how to handle themselves if necessary)
  • Discipline (They will learn to do what they should before they do what they want)
  • Mental toughness (Your child will learn how to be strong in the face of adversity)
  • Drive (Your child will be learn how to set and attain goals)
  • Potential (Your child will develop his/her own unique potential and learn how to maximize it)
  • Mental skills and physical skills that carry over at home, in school, and throughout their entire lives
  • Character building (Your child will build character, not just learn how to punch and kick)
  • Total athletic development (Your child will get increased strength, speed and agility along with mental toughness and fortitude)
  • Anger management (Your child will learn how to better deal with anger and have a positive outlet for his/her aggression)
  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution (Your child will learn conflict resolution skills that help with social interactions)
  • Self control (Your children will be able to focus their energy in a positive and productive manner)
  • Personal Safety (Your child will learn real-life, proven self-protection and stranger awareness techniques)
  • Communication skills (Your child will learn better communication skills and social skills)
    Better behavior (Your child will develop better behavior in all areas)
  • Unplug from the computer (we give kids a reason to unplug from video games and the computer)
  • Fitness (Your children will improve their current fitness level which will make them healthier kids)
  • Goal-setting (Your child with learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them)
  • Better grades (Your children will get better grades because they feel better about themselves and will want to work harder to succeed in the classroom)
  • Admiration (Your child will become a child that other parents will be impressed with)
  • Success habits (Your child will learn how to make success become a habit)
  • Memory (Your child will remember more in school and retain more of what’s learned in class)

CALL 802-766-1515 or EMAIL us TODAY for more information!

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